Started this business after birthing my last child, and no one wanted to hire me even though, I have two degrees a Bachelor and Masters. Through the pain of getting denied by many company's seeing that I had over 15 years of corporate experience and skills as a Executive Assistant to VP's and Senior Directors I kept on getting the "unfortunately" emails with no explanation, little did I know that my rejection letters would be the birth of something truly fabulous - my personal stylist venture!. 

So in 2018, it came to my attention to start a personal stylist business, so I opened up a boutique where I sell set's to showcase how to mix and match each piece with old items that are already in your closet. 

So Adanya was birthed, literally from out of my body and then into an LLC. (hahaha) Adanya is my daughter's middle name and it means "her fathers daughter." Many of us love to represent who our fathers are either our earthly father or heavenly Father (God). And this name is a perfect way to represent him in our growth, wisdom and the way we put ourselves together every time we get dress Adanya embodies the essence of family and heritage, as it symbolizes the connection between a daughter and her father. It's a name that carries deep meaning and significance in our journey of self-discovery and personal growth.