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Welcome to Adanya Boutique Blog!

I hope you become a part of this wonderful community of fashionable Queens.

I know it can be skeptical to try and purchase from a new boutique that has no reviews, hasn't posted in a long time on IG, only have 91\5 followers on Pinterest. But I can vouch for that. First, because of the pandemic the many business pages that I was following became political and I removed myself from the toxicity to give myself a peace of mind,  and I decided not to return to IG after that.

Secondly, Pinterest I am working towards adding more photos and videos of the items that I will showcase on the website and more fashion ideas as well. This is a real business that has been in operation since 2018. I have closed down this website because I wasn't focused on this the way I should have been. 

So as a start over let me introduce myself, my name is Antonia and I am the owner of Adanya Boutique, if you want to see me in full operation you can follow me on Poshmark and check out my reviews that show how legitimate this business is. I am consistent on Poshmark every single day either doing a live show or attending other lives and communicating with people. 

So you can check me out at www.poshmark.com/closet/adanyaboutique, where you can see me live (real time) interacting with buyers, also check out the reviews of real customers that continually shops all the time. I hope we can grow and get to know each other.

 Outfit on photo: This Jogger Set with Pearl is so comfortable and sheek, gives you rich auntie vibes. Dress her up or down. This is a great brunch outfit. 


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